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As a blockchain solutions integrator, we aid startups & enterprises in integrating reliable & secure decentralized blockchain solutions for their business automation. Our top blockchain solutions services are tailored to specific business needs by integrating features, customizing systems, and implementing them.

Blockchain Technology

When it comes to blockchain consulting, we take the time to understand what blockchain technology is & what it can do for your enterprise solution, bringing trust and transparency to your business.


Our expert blockchain developers build enterprise-grade decentralized applications to accelerate time to market and maximize return on investment for our clients.

NFT Marketplace

To solve the interoperability issues, we build cross-chain marketplaces that facilitate minting multi-chain compatible NFTs that organize NFT trading, bidding, and selling digital assets.


Our expertise in blockchain, NFTs, and crypto development tools allows us to provide Metaverse development services for NFT marketplaces, social media, and 3D gaming projects.

Blockchain Supply Chain

Using blockchain, we develop, deploy and manage supply chain solutions that ensure complete transparency throughout the product’s journey and eliminate communication gaps.

Custom Blockchain App

Building scalable and robust custom blockchain software solutions for enterprises and startups is what we do using blockchain platforms like Tezos, Hyperledger, Polkadot, Tron, Stellar, and EOS.

Smart Contracts

As part of our smart contract development services, we develop and deploy self-executing contracts on public and private blockchain networks. We have experience developing smart contracts for crowdfunding, blockchain supply chain solutions, NFT projects, and diverse dApp development.


To enable real-time digital currency exchange securely and efficiently, our blockchain development team develops hack-proof and robust decentralized exchange platforms for Android and iOS.

Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain developers from our company build robust and feature-rich web and mobile wallet applications that support the trading of several digital assets & currencies and also features for cross-chain token swapping.

Ethereum Development

Get experts at service to help you with a wide array of Ethereum app development services matching your business needs. Our Ethereum development services can assist you in having robust, scalable, feature-rich, and secure custom applications developed specifically for your business.

Cardano Development

We work with Cardano developers with hands-on experience in developing secure and high-performing applications that tick all the boxes as per your business needs. With our enterprise-grade blockchain applications, you can enhance your growth opportunities multifold.


With the help of our blockchain development team, we can tokenize any asset you wish, ensuring trust, transparency, and efficiency. Tokenization reduces volatility and increases liquidity.

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Your Full-Stack IT Outsourcing Partner


Get more out of your business and industry by leveraging the world’s most advanced blockchain expertise, technology, and ecosystem across industries.


Our blockchain solutions offer the insurance industry greater transparency and fraud prevention. We enable insurers to automate claims processing, manage policies securely, and reduce administrative expenses through smart contracts.

Retail & E-Commerce

Blockchain technology in retail and e-commerce ensures product authenticity and enhances consumer trust. We build decentralized solutions that offer robust supply chain management, secure transactions, and customer loyalty rewards.

Supply Chain

Blockchain transforms the supply chain by offering enhanced traceability and security, reducing costs and errors. Our blockchain development services enable companies to track asset movement, ensure product authenticity, and streamline procurement processes.


Utilizing blockchain, we revolutionize education systems by safeguarding academic credentials and facilitating knowledge sharing. Our services provide immutable records, enabling institutions to securely store and verify academic achievements.

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Elevate Your Business with Blockchain

Unleash potential with secure, scalable blockchain solutions. Transform your operations now.

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We can convert your ideas into practical applications that are scalable and reliable. Our blockchain developers follow a sound process to test rapidly and get product maturity at an early stage. With our experience of building 100+ blockchain-powered solutions, we have adapted our process to keep up with the continuous evolution of blockchain technology.


Blockchain Consulting Company

By conducting market research, assessing the feasibility of projects, analyzing blockchain platforms and tools, and prioritizing features, we help our clients understand the potential of blockchain for their organizations.

User Experience And Technical Design

With every blockchain project, we deliver high-fidelity designs with a seamless user experience. The design includes technical component definitions, user stories, and platform database creation.


Enterprise Blockchain Development

Accelerating the time to market and maximizing ROI, our blockchain developers develop enterprise-grade applications and scalable decentralized solutions.


A blockchain network is deployed in 4 stages: backend deployment, frontend deployment, network configuration, and node validation. We also test programs such as smart contracts & DApps before their launch.



Monitoring, maintaining and providing support for new OS releases, upgrades from third parties, and new releases are part of our everyday routine. Our blockchain developers are available for assistance if a critical issue should arise.

Migration And Upgrades

In addition to ensuring zero downtime, we offer operational support for migrating existing applications to the blockchain or switching between blockchain protocols.



We provide solutions that include hassle-free integration of different technologies and third-party platforms.


















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Your Trust Is Our True Reward

We were fortunate to be involved with A3Logics for development of Will to click app for IOS. One of the main benefits of working with A3Logics was their unending commitment and their dedication and passion for working on this project as well as their high degree of sophistication and level of expertise. As a non-technical and a solo founder, I completely relied on their support, advice and guidance on building a world class app. I am grateful for working with them.

Shani Majer

Founder & CEO, Will2Click

My experience working with A3 has been fantastic. I really enjoy working with the team. Great Group of folks. Not only do they do what we ask for but they are also very proactive in suggesting solutions that make the work better. They own their product, they own their services and they are very proud of what they do. And it shows!

James Dyke

We find the engineers working with us to be diligent with strong work ethics and being able to fill the gaps that we have in our skills. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is looking for an excellent partner for offshoring.

Sandeep Khabhiya

VP , Software Engineering, Locus Technologies

All the apps were implemented smoothly and have easily scaled up to accommodate more users. Rapid Ops displays ample technical knowledge and agile development skill. Team management encourages collaboration by responding productively to feedback and fully documenting the development process.

Ajay Thakur

Cofounder and CTO, Pacific Street Ventures, Inc.

A3Logics consistently tackled difficult projects, delivering functional products and speedily troubleshooting any bugs. The team’s agile development skills met high standards. Their lean, streamlined approach to project management ensured that projects were delivered within schedule and budget.

Ashok Kumar – Tiara top

CEO, Firma Networks

Wonderful experience working with the team. They are very knowledgeable and more than willing to coach during your development journey as it relates to their skill set. I am very pleased with the product developed and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Kamadi Camp

Sr. Director of clinical Programs, Sarah Connons


Check these frequently asked questions and learn more about Blockchain and Web 3.0

Blockchain helps companies cut costs by eliminating intermediaries — vendors and third-party vendors — traditionally providing the processing that blockchain can do. Blockchain’s unique features can increase trust, security, transparency, and other business benefits.

Enable A3Logics. We are best-in-class for blockchain development services, providing cost-effective, robust technology and efficient solutions in all industry niches.

In terms of price or cost, there is no exact or specific answer to how much it costs to develop a blockchain solution or app – it largely depends on the blockchain requirements. For example, you might consider developing an MVP for your blockchain solution or app starting at around $5,000 and then moving on to a full-featured solution that can cost upwards of $100,000.

Engage A3Logics. We are the best blockchain development services company, providing cost-effective, robust technology and efficient solutions in all niches, including blockchain game development services.

Blockchain offers a huge level of security, thanks to independent verification processes that take place on all connected computers on a blockchain network. In digital currency cases, this verification is used to approve transaction blocks before adding them to the chain.

There are four reasons why blockchain will go mainstream this year.

● The future is cash-free.

● Economic and government agencies/departments are interested in cryptocurrencies.

● Cryptocurrency is showing noticeable growth in the asset class.

● Blockchain will be business-ready.

Engage A3Logics for the best blockchain development services company, and we provide cost-effective, robust technology and efficient solutions in all niches.

The right way to hire blockchain developers is to let them share blockchain knowledge or information on public forums such as Reddit and Glitter. You may also encounter blockchain developers/development companies discussing ideas at hackathons or other start-up events, both online and offline.

Engage A3Logics for the best blockchain development services company, and we provide cost-effective, robust technology and efficient solutions in all niches.

A3Logics follows the following steps required to develop a blockchain app.

Identify problems that people want to solve or tackle with blockchain.

● Choose the right blockchain platform.

● Brainstorming and blockchain ideas.

● Do a proof of concept.

● Doing a Proof-of-Concept.

● Visual and Technical Designs

● Development

Engage A3Logics for best-in-class blockchain development services, and we offer cost-effective and efficient services in all niches.

Using a blockchain instead of a regular centralized database, you can add unique or distinctive functionality to an app and increase its value to your users or customers. There are several tools to simplify the development process in the blockchain ecosystem.

Key points to keep on check for Blockchain Developers

● Blockchain Architecture: Blockchain development services companies need to fully understand how blockchain works and the architecture it is based on.

● Data structures.

● Cryptography.

● Smart contracts.

● Web development.

● Programming languages.

Engage one of the best blockchain development companies to transform your business. A3Logics is a leading world-class blockchain development service company, providing you with everything you need.

Our platform houses a very diverse range of skills & experiences. Developers at A3Logics range from software engineers, user experience designers, business intelligence experts, and product managers to financial experts who have worked at leading technology companies.

Our software developers are experienced & skilled in multiple programming languages, such as Flutter development. They also have years of exhaustive experience in cross-platform projects in Android and iOS apps, building high-quality blockchain apps, cryptocurrency wallets, smart contracts, and peer-to-peer exchange platforms. A3Logics is known in the Industry as best blockchain wallet development company, so you can rely on us for the services in the niche & sit back and focus on your business. We will take care of hustling part for you. We also provide NFT marketplace development services.

In addition to our talent matching services, we also provide blockchain solutions, such as a blockchain development company. Through our A3Logics Projects team, we build multi-functional teams of senior project managers, software development experts, designers, business strategy experts, and other experts. Our team members follow a well-defined development of blockchain process to build a fully functional solution.


In places where trust is lacking or unproven, blockchain creates trust between different entities. Consequently, these entities are willing to engage in business dealings involving transactions or data sharing they would not have done otherwise or for which an intermediary would have been required.

Decentralized structure

The value of blockchain lies in the fact that no central actor enables trust, explained Daniel Field, head of the blockchain at UST, an international provider of digital technology and services. Besides enabling trust when participants are unknown to one another, blockchain enables data sharing within a business ecosystem where no single entity is entirely in charge of it. A supply chain is a good example.

Improved security and privacy

An additional benefit of blockchain-enabled systems is their security. Enhanced security is derived from how the technology works: blockchain creates a record of transactions with end-to-end encryption, preventing fraud and unauthorized activity.

Reduced costs

Experts pointed to financial institutions’ savings when using blockchain, explaining that blockchain’s ability to streamline clearing and settlement translates directly into process cost savings. By eliminating middlemen, blockchain allows businesses to cut costs by eliminating middlemen, which are traditionally vendors and third parties that provide processing services that blockchain can perform.


Blockchain can handle transactions significantly faster than conventional methods because intermediaries are eliminated, and manual processes are replaced.

Visibility and traceability

Blockchains aren’t just about speed; they can also be used to trace the origin of mangoes and other products, making retailers like Walmart better able to manage inventory, respond to problems, and confirm the history of their merchandise.


A blockchain is immutable, which means that once a transaction has been recorded, it cannot be changed or deleted. On the blockchain, each transaction is timestamped and datestamped, creating a permanent record.

Individual control of data

With smart contracts enabled by blockchains, individuals and organizations can decide what pieces of their digital data they want to share with whom and for how long.


A tokenization process involves converting the value of an asset (either a physical one or a digital one) into a digital token that is recorded and shared on a blockchain. Digital art and other virtual assets have sparked tokenization’s popularity, but it has broader uses that could smooth business transactions.


Leaders across multiple industries have explored and implemented blockchain-based systems to solve intractable problems and improve longstanding cumbersome practices.